Carbon Reductive™ – What it Means and Why we go Further

September 6th, 2009 Posted in News

Ten years ago the buzz phrase was Carbon Neutral…the concept and practice of offsetting the total CO2 emissions from a business, project or one’s personal life. Unfortunately offsetting our present lifestyles and business activities, although admirable, is not enough.

Three hundred years of land devastation, intensive farming, forest destruction and global polution has pushed up the CO2 in our atmosphere to some 380 parts per million and currently rising at 2 parts per million per year. This has created rapid global warming and climate instability.

Scientists believe that CO2 at 450 ppm is the tipping point of no return. Should this occur there will an unparalleled global catastrophe, massive weather pattern disruption and planetary devastation.

Today we need to go beyond the concept of Carbon Neutral and go Carbon Reductive™.

Carbon Reductive™ means we do not just balance our present emissions but we also take more CO2 out of the atmosphere and clean up our past CO2 emissions as well. Our company is currently working with Carbon Gold using Biochar technology that has been demonstrated to remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere permanently and enrich the earth.

Please read the recent Sunday Times article on Carbon Gold at

The term Carbon Reductive™ was created by our Managing Director Simon Hinton and a trademark has been applied for.

Phoenix Trinity Design & Build Ltd are proud to be the first development company in the UK to officially go Carbon Reductive.

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