Spacious Living Areas And A Relaxing Sundeck and Verandah

Phoenix Trinity Design and Build are passionate about creating beautiful eco homes. We believe that a home should be an organic extension of how we naturally are as human beings: bright, clear, open, and brilliantly designed.

We carefully choose the sites we develop, understanding that the landscape has an important influence on the living experience from both a visual and practical perspective.

Excellent design doesn’t have to cost the earth. By directly managing the design and build process ourselves we radically increase cost-efficiency. This hands-on approach translates as value to the customer who will receive an altogether better eco home for their money.

We are a property company driven from the heart…we do what we do for the joy of the experience and to fulfil our desire of creating energy-efficient eco homes that will provide happy, peaceful living for centuries.

At Phoenix Trinity we personally oversee all aspects of our business and are dedicated to building exceptional eco homes that are Carbon Neutral/Carbon Reductive™…beautiful eco-friendly living spaces that will be cherished for generations to come.  We use Biochar technology to achieve this.

Phoenix Trinity has partnered with a local company to completely offset the CO2 impact of construction of our eco homes in a revolutionary new system that takes the CO2 out of the atmosphere in a 2-3 year cycle. We go further and guarantee to offset the first three years of estimated domestic emissions for every eco home we build.