Eco Pioneers and Green Visionaries

Phoenix Trinity Design & Build was founded by Simon Hinton, Danny Rampling and Charlotte Avery, three friends united by a passion for beautiful buildings, classic design and the magnificent earth that sustains us.

Simon Hinton At Our Shoreline Eco Homes Development

Simon Hinton (Managing Director)

In the 90’s Simon worked for GQ Magazine, and while there, founded and edited the Interiors section. Soon other publications copied the idea until virtually every newspaper had a dedicated section.

With a background as a lifestyle journalist Simon made a living out of projecting trends and recognising social change.

Since then Simon has worked extensively in property development, and has acquired a wide range of design and build experience while managing an international portfolio.

“A decade ago I anticipated there would be a new wave of mass activity – towards saving the environment. As Phoenix Trinity’s Managing Director I am committed to positioning our Company as market leaders in eco-building and eco-technology while remaining dedicated to building breathtaking homes of style and distinction. I created the term Carbon Reductive™ because I recognised the pressing need for humans to proactively reduce the CO2 levels in the atmosphere”

Simon is the founder of The Entrepreneurs’ Club International and has a number of global business interests.

Danny Rampling On The Deck of One of The Eco Homes

Danny Rampling

Danny is a household name in the UK, and a world renowned DJ, well respected in the music business and a leading entrepreneur. Using his experience of the world’s most exquisite locations, he cultivated an interest in property and interiors.

“When I brought the house music scene to the UK two decades ago I was at the forefront of a movement that united millions of people in a very positive way. When people come together behind a common goal amazing things happen.  We need to combine our intention on climate change to solve this huge challenge. I don’t claim to be perfect but I do my best to offset my emissions.”

“I am inspired by the new surge in global awareness and am encouraged by the emphasis on taking personal responsibility. It’s the small changes we create now, that will help the eco system of the earth in years to come, and will prove vital to our future generations.”

Charlotte Avery In One Of Our Eco Homes

Charlotte Avery

Charlotte is a successful film and TV actress and former presenter for the BBC. In recent years she has expanded her creative interests and today she focuses her attention on the design and interior aspects of Phoenix Trinity homes.

“I have always been interested in property and interiors. In 2008 I set up a business Scantique that brings the best of 20th Century Scandinavian design to the UK. I now use these wonderful pieces to furnish Phoenix Trinity houses – it’s a very stylish way to recycle!”

“As a mother of three small children I’m very aware of the next generation and the kind of world they’ll inhabit. At Phoenix Trinity we have an opportunity to positively influence the way people live by integrating eco-technology with interesting creative design.”