Shoreline Spring Launch 2011

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Shoreline Eco Homes second phase launch has now commenced.  Never before has the need to buy an Eco home been more beneficial.  We live in a world with massive energy challenges.  The costs of heating our homes just keeps on rising…where will it end? With a brand Shoreline Eco Home  you can be happy in the knowlege that heating and hotwater costs will be 85-90% cheaper that an older style  conventional home. That  equates to huge ongoing savings.  We have done everything in our power to make Shoreline eco-friendly and to create stunning seaview Eco Homes truly fit for the 21st Century.  Please call 0203 239 4013 now to arrange a viewing.

Phase 1 Eco Homes Launch results in 66% take up!

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We are delighted to announce that our phase one Shoreline Eco Homes Launch 2010  has resulted in 2 deposit reservations for the properties released. Our Eco Homes for sale  launch has proved an unprecedented success  and we now expect to enter Phase 2 two months early in September.  As part of our phase 1 Eco Homes launch promotion we confirm that we will pay your purchasing legal costs for cash reservations made before August 31st 2010 (subject to adopting our recommended conveyancing solicitors Reseam Sharples). There is one Eco home left for this promotion  and this is offered on a first come first served basis. Make your Eco Homes for sale reservation now and avoid legal fees.

Eco Homes UK

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The United Kingdom for many years lagged behind on the sustainability of homes.  I remember as a child in the 70’s hearing about Eco Homes in Germany and Switzerland with solar panels and various eco-friendly accoutrements.  In those days the ecology movement was peripheral and a bit of hippy indulgence by the majority.  How things have changed! Eco Homes UK is very much a part of growing trend here and even though not all new builds are fully green the trend is very much towards sustainability.  With our Shoreline development we believe we are leading this new trend particularly by promising to offset more than our development’s embedded CO2,  making us the world’s first official Carbon Reductive development ands pushing Eco Homes UK to global awareness.  Eco Homes UK is here to stay! We can never go back.  Please call Mishon Mackay on  01273 829320 to reserve your Eco Home and push Eco Homes UK into the limelight.

Eco Homes in Hastings and Beverley Hills

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Actor Pierce Brosnan is a keen environmentalist and a very rich actor. With money being no option  he has pushed every green button imaginable in creating an eco home.
His newly-built mansion on the Malibu beachfront has solar panels to heat the eco house, the outdoor pool and guest cabana and still sell electricity back to the grid. All Pierce’s water will be recycled on site in a purpose-built plant, and there is also a waste disposal system, custom-built £250,000 energy-saving lighting and a solar-powered revolving compost heap.

The windows of the eco home are non-glare, insulated glass and there is a centrally controlled climate and lighting system that will automatically turn off the lights if a room is left vacant for more than five minutes.The climate control will automatically adjust various rooms in the eco home to maximise energy savings. and there is naturally recycled wood for the kitchen benches and the low-flow toilets.
‘Pierce and his wife Keely Smith  aimed to create the ultimate eco home and have spent £6.5 million in the process.  But need they have spent so much? The fact is  if money is no object there’s no limit to what you can do but in reality a lot of this stuff is superfluous and tokenism.  In contrast our company Phoenix Trinity Design & Build have built 10 large eco homes on the south coast of England in a development called Shoreline. Our eco homes average 2000 sq ft in size with fantastic seaviews and are well insulated.  They are heated using a combination air transfer and solar heating system in combination for the heat and hot water.  This makes them very energy-efficient.  Admittedly we can’t sell electricity back to the grid but have instead invested money in a local offsetting programme that uses biochar technology which completely negates our embedded CO2 emissions from construction.  In fact we think we think our ten eco homes give Pierce’s Eco palace a run for its money  and they start at just £375.000. We have weekly show home open days every Saturday from 12-2pm

Another Eco Home Packed Open Day

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Thank you to everyone who has visited our Shoreline Eco Home show house this weekend, it’s great to report another packed open day and holding deposits being placed.  We believe the interest in Shoreline supports our insight that building an eco-friendly home makes the property more attractive to buyers and adds significantly to its value.  Phoenix Trinity  are proud to be building eco homes in Hastings and leading the way in sustainable building.  We hope other developers will follow suit and recognise it makes economical as well as ecological sense.  One day all new homes will be eco homes.

Finally if you missed Eco Home open day this weekend I am happy to announce another open day next Saturday July 31st  from 12-2pm.  See you there.

What is a Green Home?

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What is it that defines a green home?  We hear so much about the green home these days but what is it that makes a home green?  We believe that a green home, so-called, can be divided into two basic categories.  The first and obvious is it’s energy efficiency: so the efficiency of the heating and hot water system and the use of water would be the main factors. If the electricity comes from a sustainable source such as an onsite wind turbine this would merit towards the term green home. The kind of lighting used and other factors such as a green roof would also be things that you’d associate with a green home.  The second category that defines a green home is the materials used in its construction.  Are they from sustainable sources and what is the embedded CO2 value, ie what is the CO2 emissions total from creating the green home.  On the latter it is possible to offset these emissions by buying carbon credits.  Phoenix Trinity plan to do this with the Shoreline Development using the highly regarded biochar system  which effectively sequesters Carbon Dioxide in a 2-3 year cycle  that lasts for 1000s of years. By offsetting more than we emit we can claim the title Carbon Reductive™. Our Shoreline Development excels handsomely in both the aforementioned categories and can proudly claim the title green home.

If you’d like to buy a green home contact us now to arrange a viewing.

Would you like to Live in a Brand New House?

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Would you like to live in a brand new house?  There is nothing like moving into a new house…somewhere that no one has lived before.  A new house is free of the vibes and history of others and is a blank canvas of a building that you can make your special home.  The new house of the 80’s and 90’s was often a sorry affair with ghastly coloured bricks, box design and minimum character.  Fortunately things have improved massively for new houses. In 2010 a lot more people want to live in a new house  and developers have responded by making them look and work much better. Shoreline is a fantastic eco development designed to give your new house extra value and benefits.  Gorgeous inside and out we think you will find it very hard to find a better looking and functioning new house from just £375,000 and the seaviews from our eco homes are simply gorgeous!

Greenhouse Home

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A greenhouse home is now something that regular working people can afford if they know where to look. The rules on sustainability have got tougher for developers which we think is a very good thing.  In fact we believe that every new build home should have sustainable features as an integral part of the building.  The two most important energy saving potentials of any building are the heating and hot water system, and the insulation.  Yes we know it costs more to build a greenhouse home but we also know it adds greatly to the value of your building as well as saving you large amounts money over the years, and lower CO2 emissions means our children and grandchildren will be left a cleaner world.   In the near future we believe all new homes will be greenhouse homes but right now you don’t have to wait. The Shoreline greenhouse home development is on sale right now and it’s beautiful and affordable.  Contact Mishon Mackay now to arrange a viewing.

New Eco Home Show House launched July 2010

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Our new Eco Home show house has just been completed. We had a brilliant open day on Saturday  and have the next planned for Saturday July 31st from 12 pm-2.00pm.  The interior design of our Eco Homes has been prepared by our sister company Scantique.  Please visit  By refurbishing Scandinavian art and furniture we can continue with our theme of being eco-friendly. Why becuase the CO2 emissions have already occured and we are recycling. Our Eco Homes are available to be dressed with this wonderful sustainable contemporary furniture.  See you on Saturday!

Mishon Mackay Appointed to Represent Shoreline

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Phoenix Trinity are delighted to announce the appointment of new build specialists Mishon Mackay to represent the Shoreline Development.

Mishon Mackay are Brighton & Hove’s leading independent estate agents – operating a network of 6 offices covering Brighton, Hove, Sussex and London.

Mishon Mackay New Homes provides a specialist sales and marketing service for quality developments of new housing. Over the years the office has established an enviable reputation for reliability, professionalism and customer care, guiding and advising buyers, and providing marketing strategies for developers.

The Shoreline Development is a unique product of which there are no comparisons.  Shoreline is a designer product that is both eco-friendly  and benefit-led.  As such we wanted representatives who understood Shoreline’s bespoke nature and could articulate its benefits and value effectively to prospective purchasers.

Please visit Mishon Mackay for further information.