Eco Homes & Green Living in the 21st Century

Welcome to the Green Town Revolution

Green Living Can Be EasyIn response to the Eco living challenges to individuals and businesses presented by global warming, the Trinity formed a project called Green Town Revolution to help businesses and individuals create and track change simply, with a measurable reward and offset system for reducing CO2 emissions and adopting a more green lifestyle.

This system is designed to raise the profile of those companies and individuals that are making a positive difference to the environment. The emphasis is placed on local offsetting and recognisable initiatives to create a clearly identifiable chain of responsibility and effect.

Green Town Revolution is scheduled for a prototype launch in St Leonards and Hastings and a roll out across the UK in 2011 .

“Ultimately we wish the world to go Carbon Reductive™. This means we offset more than our emissions, thus taking out excess CO2 from the air. Still any reduction via behaviour changes and offsetting is a step in the right direction.  We want to get people excited about offsetting. Going green can actually be a lot of fun.” Simon Hinton

“The evolving movement towards global solutions and sustainability inspires me. I’d like to make a difference and help others make a difference. “Danny Rampling

An application to trademark the term ‘Carbon Reductive™’ has proved successful.